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Itineraries by Bike

Mountain-bike lovers are especially fond of the area around Lake Garda, the Brenta Dolomites, Adamello and the Ledro Alps, thanks to the abundance of well-marked trails of varying degrees of difficulty. Well-trained cyclists may take part in the several national and international events that are organised in the area, such as the final stretch of Transalp, or in races like Tremalzobike, while occasional cyclists have the chance to safely and comfortably ride on these trails, which are equipped with numerous picnic areas, bike-points providing technical assistance, and e-bike charge stations.
Among the trails windig through the Biosphere area, the old Ponale road is an especially scenic and historically significant one: it runs along a cliff overlooking Lake Garda, between Riva del Garda and the Ledro valley, and it is used nowadays as a footpath and cycling trail.
The network of footpaths and cycling trails is being expanded in all the valleys, and so is the bike-bus service (a special shuttle that takes cyclists through the most difficult stretches). A new itinerary, called Biosfera BikeTrek, is also being completed.

Cycling trails
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